Dr. Stephen Feig

Dr. Feig is a physician consultant who has specialized in Irritable Bowel Syndrome for more than ten years. Using primarily complementary and alternative medicine, he has successfully guided many hundreds of people from intestinal distress to Intestinal Success. Dr. Feig lectures on Super Digestion throughout the USA to the general public. He also lectures at physicians conferences and teaches other doctors how to treat intestinal disorders.

Through meticulous detective work, Dr. Feig has been able to determine the underlieing imbalances which cause common intestinal symptoms such as bloating, gas and most other forms of intestinal distress. Each person is different and Dr. Feig can custom design a program to fit your unique needs.

As your Intestinal Success consultant, Dr. Feig can help guide you to proper testing and treatment protocols which can reduce and, in most cases, eliminate intestinal distress.


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