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Stephen A. Feig, D.O.

Dr. Feig is a physician consultant who has specialized in addressing intestinal concerns for more than 25 years. He was one of the early pioneer in using natural approaches for intestinal microbiota/microbiome imbalances. Using a functional medicine approach, he has successfully guided thousands of people from Intestinal Distress to Intestinal Success.

Through meticulous detective work, Dr. Feig determines the underlying imbalances which cause common intestinal symptoms such as bloating, gas, fatigue, and many other expressions of intestinal distress. Each person is different and Dr. Feig designs a program to fit your unique needs

Dr. Feig has lectured on Super Digestion throughout the USA, including at physician conferences where he has taught other doctors how to evaluate and treat intestinal disorders.

As your Intestinal Success consultant, Dr. Feig can help guide you to proper testing and treatment protocols that can reduce and, in most cases, eliminate Intestinal Distress.


I am really grateful for Dr. Feig. Although I was familiar with intestinal cleansing I really needed professional help. I was willing to give the Intestinal Success program a try even though I didn’t at first know if it would work. I discovered that the Intestinal Success program really works very well! Dr. Feig was able to identify exactly what was going on with me. The way he works with his clients allowed me to be involved with my own healing. All the products that I was taking prior to my work with Dr. Feig couldn’t work until my intestines were first healed. The Intestinal Success program is foundational to everything else going on in your body. From my work with Dr. Feig, my bloating and gas have disappeared, my energy has doubled and my vision, which was severely damaged by glaucoma, has improved dramatically.

Anjail A

Columbia MO

Dear Stephen, Thank you for all your assistance. It has CHANGED MY LIFE! Your dietary and nutritional recommendations significantly reduced my chronic joint pain, totally eliminated the daily congestion that I was experiencing, noticeably improved my memory and supported me in losing 20 lbs effortlessly in just 5 weeks. I can still remember my amazement when I noticed that my eyesight had noticeably improved within 12 hours of changing my diet. This was quite impressive to me having practiced as an optometrist for 13 years. today, almost 7 years later, the benefits of your program to my overall health and well being are clearly evident subjectively as well as on blood chemistry assessment. Sincerely, Jacob L. O.D., D.Sc, Ph.D.

Jacob L


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